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Grace: S835-DEW



Meet six-year-old Grace, she is in the first grade and lives in Dewoblee, Liberia with her parents and three siblings.  She wants to be a doctor one day.  Grace said she loves helping to “beat the rice”.  Rice is Liberia’s staple food and is grown throughout the rural areas.  Beating the chaff off the harvested rice is hard work!  The harvested raw rice is placed in a large mortar and beaten with a huge pestle.  One must be careful to remove all the chaff off the rice as wastage is not an option among subsistence farming families.  It’s hard to imaging little Grace wielding that large pestle in a large mortar, but, she is willing to do her part to help sustain her family.  Thanks to GPA’s amazing partnership network for your sponsorship. Sponsored by: Heather Solie

Photos of Grace Throughout The School Years: