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Box Program

A group of women with large donation boxes

How Can I Get Involved with The Box Program?

Join Us In Sending Hope to Liberia Through Donated Boxes.

The Box Program, led by Hope Mikkelson and a committed team of high school volunteers from Verona, Wisconsin, aims to send boxes of donated items to those in need in Liberia, West Africa. While we receive an abundance of material donations, we require your support to cover the shipping costs and make this project a success

When we raise enough funds to ship the oversized boxes (approximately $400 each), we shrink-wrap them before sending them on a long journey to Liberia. Once they arrive, our dedicated team of Girl Power volunteers sorts and distributes the donated items to children in need around the holidays.

These emotional moments can be experienced through live Facebook updates. The Box Program makes a significant impact on those in need, many of whom have only one set of clothes, no shoes, and  have never owned a toy.

It is  not uncommon to see a thing or two you donated bring joy, song, and dance to the women as they celebrate the arrival of our  boxes.  Have some tissues handy, these are emotional moments that will change your life and your perspective forever.

As we have become more seasoned at shipping across the ocean with extreme temperature shifts, we have learned along the way what survives the  journey. For this reason, please review our Wish List items as we are only sending items that are listed on our Wish List.  Please email if you are interested in donating items and we can let you know generally when the next boxes will ship and if we are able to take your donation at that time.

If you would like to donate to help with shipping costs, please visit our PayPal Donation Page and designate in the dropdown section, “Box Program”.

100% of your Box Program Donations go directly to the cause, and only items on the Wish List are accepted.

Questions? Email us at

Wish List


Gently used clothing in all sizes from newborn to adult for girls and boys. For women, clothing up to size 14 (no larger than XL) that extends below the knee is appreciated.

Soccer Balls and Equipment

Balls (size 5), jersey sets for teams (all sizes up to XL), shorts, socks, and cleats (all sizes up to men’s size 9) are all valuable. Soccer is a uniting sport in Liberia that provides a productive, healthy activity for children.


Tennis shoes and sandals in all sizes for girls and boys aged 1 to 18. Adult sizes up to size 9. (No house slippers, boots, or high heels, please.)


NEW underwear for girls and boys age 1 to 18. Briefs and boxers are both acceptable for boys. The majority of the children we serve do not have underwear; it is a luxury item.


Dolls (hard shell, like Barbie with hair) and a few teddy bears.


Mostly smaller sizes up to 38D.

Food/Meat Grinders

Complete, manually powered food grinders with all the parts connected are appreciated.

Reusable Diapers

Cloth (not disposable) diapers are valuable.