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Empowered Women

Want to see the incredible impact of your support? With Girl Power Africa’s Women Empowerment Program, you can stay connected with the women you’ve helped empower in Liberia. Just search your name or the name of the empowered woman in our search box to read their inspiring stories and see how your donation is making a real difference. Thank you for being a part of this life-changing program!


Jul 16 2022

June 2022:  Janice is a 32-year-old married mother of 4 children who lives in Sannequillie, Liberia. Her children are age range from 16-5 years. She is…


Jul 16 2022

June 2022:   Sometimes all that’s needed is the sincerity of a listening ear.  50- year-old Dorothy explained her circumstances to a Girl Power Team…


Jul 16 2022

June 2022:   Thirty-eight-year-old Yah is a widow living with her five children in Gbeleyee, Nimba County.  Yah’s husband died from a “stomach complaint” and…


Jul 16 2022

June 2022:  Fifty-two-year-old Esther is a mother of six children living in Gbeleyee, Nimba County.  She and her husband farm to provide for their family…


Jul 16 2022

June 2022:  Fifty-six-year-old Tonkor is widowed and lives in Gbeleyee, Nimba County with her children and grandchildren.  Tonkor said she had fourteen children but ten…


Jul 16 2022

June 2022:  Hellen is a 28-year-old single mother living in Gbeleyee, Nimba County.  She has three children and makes a living by subsistence farming.  Her…