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Fundraising Ideas

Plated Dinner Event

Jul 14 2017

Host a plated dinner event at your home and invite people who would be willing to pay $50-$75 per plate. You could look to local…

Camp Project

Jul 14 2017

 Donations will be used to empower a woman in business, send a child to school or purchase basic need items.

Classroom project for our teacher friends: Your change can change the world and your students can get some volunteer hours.  Penny Wars can be a great…

Girl Scout Volunteers

Jul 14 2017

 Earn extra volunteer hours by hosting Lemonade stands (or whatever project you choose to do to help raise money) for Girl Power Africa – Your…

Host a Lemonade Stand

Jul 14 2017

Gather some friends and host a LEMONADE STAND in various neighborhoods to raise money for Girl Power Africa.  If you are a Girl Scout you could…