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Abegail: S834-DEW



Meet Abegail, she lives in Dewoblee, Liberia with her grandparents. Her mother and father are in the capital city, Monrovia, hustling for jobs and other opportunities to earn money to support their family.  This is the saga of many subsistence farming parents who earnestly strive to improve their family’s standard and quality of life. GPA support provides a much needed providential “we care and we are in this together” statement.  Abegail is in the third grade and nine years old.  She wants to work with computers one day.  In spite of her family’s financial woes, Abegail has the right and the audacity to dream.  GPA is proud to support Abegail’s education and dreams. Sponsored by: Patty Glennon

Photos of Abegail Throughout The School Years: