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GPA has proven to students like Emmanuel that raw determination pays off.  Emmanuel is no longer trying to get an education by looking through the windows of classes at the school in his town.  His family could not afford to send him to school, but he was determined to learn. Thanks to GPA’s amazing sponsors, Emmanuel is now an active and confident participant in school who received a double promotion from nursery class to kindergarten-2.  He also won first place in his class participation. Sponsored by: Steven Terrell Crawford

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A story that’ll touch your hearts! Look at 5 years old Emmanuel’s transformation. Emmanuel’s mother could not afford to send him to school. So, he used to peek through the classroom windows and listen to teachers, as they taught their lessons. From there, he learned to spell and read some words. The day that he was selected by our team to sponsor him for a year of education, he became an instant celebrity in his village.

Photos of Emmanuel Throughout The School Years: