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October 2022


Blessing was promoted to 2nd grade! Her teachers report Blessing is very attentive in class and has good classroom interaction and performance.  Her favorite subject is math and she still wants to be a business woman when she grows up and still lives with her grandparents. Sponsored by: Pam Albi

October 2019


Meet Blessing, who has been generously sponsored by Pam Albi. She is 7 years old and is in the K-2 this year. Blessing lives in Barpa, Liberia with her grandparents.  After the divorce of Blessing’s parents, neither of them wanted the responsibility of raising a child. The grandparents could not stand the thought of their granddaughter being moved from person to person in search of a stable home. So, they took her in. However, they are both unemployed and could not afford to send Blessing to school.  Her interests are learning from her grandpa and she wants to be a business woman when she grows up.

Photos of Blessing Throughout The School Years: