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13-year-old Amelia was promoted to fourth grade after enduring a challenging year marked by the passing of her mother. She now resides with her school principal and his family. Despite these hardships, Amelia’s determination to succeed has only grown stronger. She is committed to working hard in school with the ultimate goal of becoming a doctor.



Amelia had a successful school year and is now in the third grade.  When we first met Amelia, her father had just passed away and her mother was struggling to provide for three children.  It has been a blessed and amazing journey to watch Amelia grow from a shy little girl to a confident, smart pre-teen (twelve-year-old).  With the support of our amazing sponsors, GPA is making a difference by improving Liberian children’s chances to one day move their family from generational poverty to an improved and sustained better quality of life. Sponsored by: Scott Heise

October 2019


Thanks for the generous donation from Scott Heise, Amelia has been re-enrolled into school for the 2019/2020 school year. 

June 2019

We are pleased to announce that Amelia was promoted from K-1 to K-2 this year. Charmaine Pellitteri, thank you for your sponsorship and giving your student a gift of education. 



Meet Amelia, who has been generously sponsored by Charmaine Pellitteri. She is 7 years old and in the kindergarten-1 this year.  She lives in Suakazue, Liberia with her mother. Amelia’s father was an alcoholic who passed away in May, 2018 leaving behind his wife and 3 children. Amelia’s mother is unemployed and very poor. She and the children depend on their neighbors for their survival. She hopes to be a medical doctor when she grows up. Charmaine, thank you for giving this child a gift of education and an opportunity for a better future. (In some parts of Liberia, when a child’s parent dies, the child’s hair is shaved for new growth, new opportunities and new beginning. Hints, that’s why Amelia’s hair was shaved in this picture)

Photos of Amelia Throughout The School Years: