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Tutu: S731-SOP

October 2022


Nine-year-old Tutu wants to be a mechanic when she grows up.  Tutu is in pre-kindergarten class and lives with her parents and eight siblings.  A subsistence farming family providing for nine children is no small feat in Liberia.  The average yearly income is equivalent to $800 USD.  Parents must leverage their income with opportunities to expand their financial and material resources.  Along with subsistence farming, Tutu’s parents raise chickens as a “savings account”.  When things are hard, they sell a few chickens.  Tutu said, “I love playing around cars” and visits a local mechanic shop in her town.  A dream of being a mechanic!! She has the motivation and drive to make it happen. Sponsored by: Amy Witthuhn

Photos of Tutu Throughout The School Years: