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Sustaining Success Since 2017 with the Girl Power Africa Market

Liberia is renowned for its bustling markets that are not only filled with delicious local produce but also serve as vibrant social hubs where people gather, interact, and exchange stories. These markets are a reflection of the rich cultural heritage of Liberia, and we are grateful to be a part of this vibrant community!

In 2017, we started the Girl Power Africa Market as part of our Women’s Empowerment program, where generous sponsors donate $100 to help women start their own self-sustaining businesses to support their families. Many of these women had been selling their goods in the scorching sun, with their children on their backs, and navigating busy streets with cars. To provide them with a safer and more conducive environment, we decided to create a market with shaded areas where these women can come together in one location to sell their goods. 

The Girl Power Africa Market has had a significant impact on our GPA women, who have become like family to each other. They spend many hours a day together, encouraging, learning, and connecting, while also providing for their families financially. The market has provided them with a platform to showcase their talents and skills, and the materials provided through sponsorship have helped them start their own businesses. 

We are immensely grateful to our sponsors for their support, as their contributions have made a meaningful difference in the lives of these women. The Girl Power Africa Market is not just a place to buy and sell goods, but a symbol of empowerment, community, and culture. We take pride in being a part of Liberia’s vibrant market scene and witnessing the positive impact it has on the lives of our women entrepreneurs.

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