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Please Welcome the New Fundraising Team!

We are thrilled to announce the formation of our fundraising team!

Give a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to our amazing team members: Andrea Walton, Sara McKay, Bulleh Bablitch-Norkeh, and her daughter, Laytee Norkeh.

Andrea recently discovered GPA and was deeply moved by our mission and reached out to join our team. With an impressive array of talents and accomplishments, Andrea wears many hats. She is a devoted mother, an executive in the corporate world, a business owner, and even an author! Andrea also founded The Concrete Rose Foundation, where she and her team provide support and scholarships to teen moms, helping them thrive in various aspects of life, including pursuing higher education. Based in Washington, DC, Andrea’s expertise and enthusiasm will undoubtedly elevate our fundraising initiatives and amplify our impact in Liberia.

Sara has been a dedicated follower and passionate supporter of GPA for years, and this year, she reached out to see how she could contribute even more. Sara recently moved to California after a two-year adventure in Indiana, embracing her first-ever experience of snow and winters. As a true beach enthusiast, Sara’s heart led her back to California a few weeks ago, and she couldn’t be happier. She owns Kevala Breathwork, where she and her team coach with breathwork, personal training, yoga, and more! She travels often and loves outdoor adventures.

We are grateful to have them on our team and look forward to achieving greater heights together!