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Korto Mulubah is a 43 year old mother of 5 children ranging in age from 6 years old to 19 years old. Korto was brought to Girl Power by one of our team leaders. According to Korto, she has simply not been good at choosing her men. When she finds a man who seems great, she eventually has a child by him. Then he will walk away leaving her with the child to be raised.

Korto told me that she has been afraid of going on birth control (IUD) because she had heard that the doctor who inserts the IUD, has to be the same doctor who remove it. She’s heard too many horror stories and therefore, has been afraid to get one inserted. Liberians have this belief that if a woman can’t have a child for her man, then something is wrong with the woman or the woman doesn’t like the man. Five children later, Korto is simply avoiding men all together.

She told Girl Power that the children she was able to send to school this year, were kicked out of school last week, for the lack of funds to pay the balance of their tuitions and for the lack of proper school uniforms (their current uniforms were from last school year and were old and torn).

Korto will be starting her very own business in the newly constructed Girl Power Market to support herself and her children thanks to a generous donation from Julie S in honor of her mother, Mary L. Julie says, “Growing up, my mother inspired me, taught me right from wrong & always encouraged me. She went out of her way to donate – time, money, whatever she could – and instilled in me that doing for others makes the heart full. This year for Mother’s Day, I honor her by doing as she taught me.”

These are pictures of Korto receiving her new supply of selling goods to successfully start her business. Thank you so much Julie, for honoring your mother with your generosity and helping to make our world a little better, one girl at a time. God bless you!

Girl Power ~ Making the world a little better, one girl at a time! It really doesn’t take much to have a positive and ever lasting impact on a person’s life when the right hands are involved. Your donation has a direct and immediate impact! No middle man or big organization. Just you, me and your girl.

Are you interested in empowering one or more girls/women in Liberia, Africa? Please consider donating through our PayPal Donation Page.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your caring hearts and for helping to change many girls’ (and familys’) worlds.