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Mother’s Day Honor

Mother’s Day Honor



What are we celebrating at Girl Power Africa? 


Celebrating being mothers. Celebrating our mothers. And we are celebrating Girl Power Africa’s founder, Mrs. Bulleh Bablich Norkeh. Bulleh was honored today by The Word Bible Fellowship Church in Monrovia, Liberia, for the help that Girl Power has given to mothers, sisters and children in their community.






These pictures show Bulleh receiving her certificate of honoring, having flowers of appreciation pinned onto her clothing and celebrating afterwards with the Girl Power ladies that came to show their support.


Thank you to everyone who has helped Girl Power Africa touch so many lives. We are truly making the world a little better, one girl at a time!





Are you interested in empowering one or more girls/women in Liberia, Africa? Please consider donating through our PayPal Donation Page.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your caring hearts and for helping to change many girls’ (and familys’) worlds.