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Joyline: S740-SUA

October 2022


Nine-year-old Joyline quietly shared about the death of her mother and how she had to move in with her mother’s sister.  In her short nine years, life has sent a few blows to Joyline. Living with her “sister” (aunts are oftentimes referred to as “sister”) in Suakazue, Nimba County Liberia has been both challenging and rewarding.  Rewarding in the fact that Joyline had a loving extended household to move into and challenging because her sister’s household is large, making it challenging to acquire the means to afford food much less providing for the education of her own children.  Thanks to GPA’s amazing sponsor network, we can walk alongside Joyline in her determined struggle to go to school. Sponsored by: Donations from General Funds

Photos of Joyline Throughout The School Years: