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RECIPIENT: Tenneh -Age 30

EMPOWERED BY: Jason and Natasha Hernandez

Tenneh is a married woman with three children. About two years ago, her husband had gone up country to Bomi County to go settle a dispute between his extended family. Since then, he only calls periodically to say hello. Other than that, he has pretty much distanced himself from she and their three children. Recently, due to lack of money, Tenneh had send her son to live with a relative who is sending him to school. Her two daughters, Mema and Hawa, really want to go to school, but their mom does not have the finance to send them. (Girl Power had recently enrolled them into school.) About 1 month ago, Tenneh enrolled herself into a learning program in her neighborhood that teaches women some skills to be able to make a living. She is learning to be a seamstress in hopes of bettering their lives. Tenneh had come to Girl Power for assistance for she and her children to get on their feet. These are photos of Tenneh receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.