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RECIPIENT: Mamie Peabody  – Age 29

EMPOWERED BY: Tracy Holland

29 years old Mamie Peabody and her husband (a teacher) had credited money and moved to a town called #2 in Grand Bassa County, to start a new teaching job that he had been offered. After almost 2 yrs of being unemployed, they were excited! They had credited money from a susu, (savings club), which they had been a member of, with the understanding that her husband’s first monthly pay check of $80 USD, would be sent for the Susu payment. Out of excitement, they packed up all of their belongings along with their 4 children and moved to their new town to live with her sister-in-law until they could get on their feet. The husband’s first day of work, he was told that there must had been a misunderstanding. The job was given to a different person who had already started the job a week earlier. Confused and out of money, they had decided to stay and make a garden on the sister-in-laws land so they could be able to pay their way back to Monrovia and pay the money that was credited. While there, Mamie got seriously sick. Her husband credited money from his sister to transport Mamie and one of their children, Amos, back to Monrovia for better treatment while he stayed to complete the garden. It’s been a year now. Although she’s gotten well, she doesn’t have money to transport she and Amos back to join the family. Mamie had told me that she and her son have been living at the mercy of kind people. Mamie was brought to Girl Power for assistance by one of our Girl Power recipients , Gaydo Sloan, who is also one of the Girl Power team leaders.  This lady looks like shes been through hell… When given the option of either paying her way to go join her husband or stay and do her business, she choose to stay and do her business with the hope that if-and-when her husband comes back with the other kids, she would be already established and can support them. These are photos of Mamie and Amos (who is currently not going to school) receiving their new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start their very own business.