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RECIPIENT: Korto Flomo – Age 44

EMPOWERED BY: The Norkeh Family in Honor of The Hernandez Family

Korto and her husband Moses have 4 children. Moses was working as a security guard and she was running her business worth about 25,000LD ($263 USD). They were the leaders in their neighborhood. The ones that the others admired and some were envious of. They lived a pretty perfect life in the eyes of their neighbors. On July 16, 2016, Moses died from a brief illness. Korto told me doing her interview with Girl Power, “Old Ma, it not been easy on me and the children oh. Since Moses died, all of the expenses were on me alone”. I used all of my business money on the funeral, the burial and the 3 day feast”. She told me, as she broke down into to tears: “Old Ma, I never thought I will be here asking for help today oh… This life, you don’t know what tomorrow will bring oh…. School coming to start. I don’t know how I will pay for my children school fees, uniforms, school shoes for my children… we don’t even have food at home… I don’t know why God did this to me oh…I don’t know why he did not take me instead of Moses… as she cries”. My heart is broken for Korto and her children. I personally knew Moses, Korto and their beautiful children in the neighborhood. They were the perfect family in so many wonderful ways.  These are photos of Korto receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully re-start her business.

Korto and her family were empowered by the Norkeh Family in Honor of The Hernandez Family. Thank you for all that you do for our children, Laytee and Nancy Norkeh, in our absence as we are in Liberia, West Africa running Girl Power Africa. You have been their mother and father in our absence. You’ve been there, when they need a shoulder to cry on. You’ve been there, when they need sound advice, whether it’s employment, boys, apartment search, purchasing of cars, repairing of cars, moving etc, etc…. You’ve been there when they fall to pick them back up and wipe the tears from their eyes. You’ve been their rock!  Words cannot express how truly grateful we are for you. Because of YOU, I can relax more here in Liberia and give back to Women and Girls in need. Because of YOU, we’ve empowered 204 Girls and Women up to date! From the bottom of our hearts, Thank YOU for your generosity and helping to make our world a little better, One Girl at time. God bless you Jason Hernandez, Natasha Hernandez, Kaylie and Mariner!