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RECIPIENT: Miamah White – Age 31

EMPOWERED BY: David Helback

Miamah White is a 31 yr old single mother with a 4 yr old daughter, named Freedom. In 1990, one of their neighbors had taken Miamah from her mom with the promise of sending her to school. About a year after she moved in with the lady and her family, Miamah become the seller for the family. She would go selling in the market, while the ladies children would go to school. Miamah told me, the only blessing was that she had learned how to sell; and dreams of starting her own business someday. Currently, she washes clothes for a family and they pay her $18 per month. The $18 is what she and her daughter, Freeedom, live on. As much as Miamah would love to start a business, $18 per month, it is not enough to support she and Freedom… and to start a business. Miamah was brought to Girl Power by one of our Girl Power recipients, Kuta Dillon. This is a picture of Miamah receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.