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RECIPIENT: Susanne – Age 35

Empowered by: Lori Penfield

Susanne and her husband, the bread winner, have 5 children. He has been working as a security guard for the last 9 months making $100 USD per month, which is what the family has been surviving on. His employer has not paid its employees for the last 4 months and there is no hope of being pay in the near future. He is still hanging in there hoping to be paid, in the main time, he’s looking for a new job. Susanne told me that she used to sell 1 to 2 bags of coal per week. But they have used her business money to buy food in the last month. Now she doesn’t have the first penny to continue her business or to buy food for the family. Susanne is afraid that if this continues, the children may not go to school next year. She also prays that none of them will get sick, because it could be a death sentence, as there will be no money to buy medications. Susanne told me that Girl Power had helped a friend of hers about 2 months ago. That’s why she came to see if we could help, she and her family get back on their feet. These are photos of Susanne receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.