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Recipient: Helena Teahs- Age 32

Empowered by: Maureen Erickson

Helena is a pregnant mother of 3. As I was sitting at my store one day last week, I saw this lady walk by as she does almost every day. She would pass my shop at around 9AM and passes going the opposite direction at about 2PM. This particular day, she walked pass me at around 9AM, then at about 9:30 AM, she was on her return leg. I couldn’t help but to ask “oh, my daughter, is your fufu finished already??” She replied with a sigh “No Old Ma, if hunger will kill us today, let it kill us, but my body is tired and I just can’t do this today. I’m going home and will sell tomorrow.” At this point, I didn’t need to here her story. I’ve heard and seen all that I needed. Imagine Helena’s excitement when I told that Girl Power will assist her with goods that she could sell right from her home! No more walking in the hot sun and rain. She was one happy mama! These are photos of Helena receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.