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RECIPIENT: Rose – Age 35

EMPOWERED BY: The Mareks Family and Nancy Norkeh 


Rose has 4 children with the youngest being 2 months old Acha. Here is her story as told by Rose during her interview with Girl Power: Rose: “I used to sell “small, small things (worth about 10,000 Liberian Dollars/$100 USD). Three months ago, my two-year-old daughter, Yasa, was seriously sick. The doctor people told me she might not make it. Her blood was too small (low blood count). The doctor people say she need blood. I say they can take my blood for her, but they tell me because I have belly (pregnant), so they will not take my blood to give to her. And I don’t have money to buy blood from the blood place (blood bank). I have to go look for someone that have the same blood as Yasa. We try 3 people, and no one can fit (match) her blood. One of my sister blood fit Yasa bloods. So, the doctor people take her blood and give it Yasa”. Girl Power: How is Yasa doing now? Rose: “She is trying small, small oh Old Ma, but two months ago, I delivered with Acha. Between Yasa and Acha, all my business money finish. The last two month not been easy oh. My hand gone down and no way to get back on my feet. Thing been hard on me and my children. No business, no money, no food. You see how Acha look reduced (skinny)? I was passing you the other day and saw you helping some people. I was wishing I was them”. Thanks to The Meyers family and Nancy Norkeh for giving Rose and her children a hand-up! Now she is one of “them” (The Girl Power Girls) These are photos of Rose and Acha receiving their new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully re-start her business. This was made possible by the donations from The Mareks family and Nancy Norkeh.