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RECIPIENT: Eva Moluba -Age 30

EMPOWERED BY: Andrea Roemhild Seibig ~ This donation was made in honor of Andrea’s Aunt Edna Montgomery. Andrea writes: “This ’empowerment’ is made in honor of my aunt Edna Montgomery. She has a generous soul, and, through her actions, has encouraged me to expand my worldview, seek happiness, and help others. Happy Birthday, Auntie Edna!”

Three years ago, the concrete house that Eva and her 3 children were squatting in clasp. In the house, at that very moment, was her 3 year old son, killing him instantly. She and her 2 remaining children moved in with her boyfriend whom she calls her “husband”. Eva told me, “my husband is good to me and my children. He can push wheel barrow (transports goods) at Red Light (popular market ground) for us to eat. But it been 2 weeks now, no pushing. The wheel barrow tire bust. No money to buy a new wheel barrow tire (cost about $10 – 20 USD). He not been working. Thing been hard oh Old Ma. No food money and I don’t know how my children will go to school when school open this month oh”. Eva came to her interview with Girl Power with a very cute baby with big gorgeous eyes. I told her, “your baby is cute. What’s his name? She replied “Joseph” How old is he? “He 3 month”. How is he doing?” Eva replied with, ” He doing OK oh Old Ma… well, I think he OK. Since I got pregnant, I do not have money, so, I never been to the hospital (or clinic). I deliver him at home, praying that God will be with me. He never see no doctor. But he not sick. He can just eat and laugh.” Ok, I must admit, at this point, I was just in Aww at the wonders of God! Eva and Joseph are truly blessed! These are photos of Eva and baby Joseph receiving their new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start their very own business. This was made possible by the donations from