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RECIPIENT: Rebecca – Age 43

EMPOWERED BY: Judith Engelstad Gambrel who writes “Thanks to Britt Meyers Freiberg”

Rebecca is a single mother of 6 children. During the Liberian Civil War, Rebecca and her children escaped to a displaced camp in Salala, Bong County where they lived for almost 10 years. While there, she learned how to make iron soap. The income from the soap is what they had been living on until about 3 years ago when one of her children had gotten seriously sick. She had to deplete her account for her daughters’ herbalists and modern medication. Thank God, her daughter is completely healed. However, Rebecca had to start all over with her soap business. She had gone from making about 20 gallons a week with a profit of 2,000 LD ($21 USD) per week, down to 5 gallons per week with a profit of 500LD ($5.20 USD) per week. During the interview with Girl Power, Rebecca had decided to make a confession to me. This is what she said: “Old Ma, God say to tell the truth and he will bless you. You see, 2 years now, I started loving to a married man. The man made big, big promise to me. But whole day, he can give excuse. He said he will send my children to school and take care of us. He said he will be giving me money to add up my business. The man is the only help we have. But, when I am with him, my heart doesn’t serve me right. Whole time I can be worry his woman will find out and I will be disgrace. I want to leave oh Old Ma, but I can be scared for the hunger not to kill me and my children.” Girl Power: ” So, Rebecca, what do you want me to do for you?” Rebecca replied: “If you can help for my business to go up, I will be able to help myself and leave him”. Girl Power: “Are you sure about this my daughter?” Rebecca: “Old Ma, if I not serious, I not come to you oh. God himself will not forgive me if I come and lie to you Old Ma”. Girl Power: “You have to say it on camera, so I have a record. Are you willing to say it on camera”? Rebecca: I will say it on camera. I will say it LOUD! I mean it, Old Ma, I mean it!.” These are photos of Rebecca receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.