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RECIPIENT: Remember, 19 years old


Nineteen-year-old Remember was given to her uncle and his wife to raise and educate as her parents were farmers in a tiny village up country who did not have the finance to send her to school. Remember has been living with her uncle in Monrovia until the family moved to Bong Cty in search of a better opportunity. About 6 months after they had arrived in Bong Cty, it became obvious that Remember was pregnant. The uncle was very disappointed in her. He told Remember that he was unable to support her and that she needed to go back to the man that had pregnant her. A few days later, the uncle put Remember on a Monrovia bound bus. When she arrived in Monrovia, she went to the 29-year-old boyfriend’s house and told him what her uncle had said. The man completely denied the pregnancy and told Remember she must leave his place before his girlfriend sees her. Knowing very well that he’s the only that man she’s ever slept with, Remember was confused as to what to do… and where to go… She decided to go to the previous neighborhood where she had been living with her uncle. Barely having enough money to transport herself to the old neighborhood, she took a gamble and went to the only place that she knew. When she got to the old neighborhood, she saw her old friend, Lovety. She and Lovety simultaneously ran and embraced each other! With a sigh of relief, Remember broke down into tears. Remember explained to Lovety what the man had told her. Remember told Lovety ” I don’t have nobody, please let me stay with you until I have the baby.” Luckily, Lovety already knew the story from months earlier, when she would help to cover up Remember’s lies as to her whereabout when the uncle is looking for her. Lovety invited Remember into her one room zinc shed that she shares with her 2-year-old son and her boyfriend. Lovety had told Remember to stay until she delivers. By then, she should be able to save up enough money to pay Remember’s way to go back home to her parents. On March 29, 2016, Remember delivered with baby Alphonso. (No complications, smooth easy delivery). Five months after delivery, Lovety’s promise of paying Remember’s way has not been for filled because she too, is not working. Lovety’s boyfriend who is their only means of support, is very abusive and beats Lovety unmercifully. Each time Lovety would ask him to please help to pay Remember’s way to go home, it would lead to huge arguments which would always end with the beating of Lovety. Lovety had heard about Girl Power and decided to bring her friend Remember and Baby Alphonso to see if we could help pay Remember’s way to go home. Not only were we happy to pay Remember’s way, but we also give extra money to buy clothes and food for she and Baby Alphono, plus extra cash for emergency. They left for Bong Cty the next morning and have safely reunited with her family. (This also led us to Empower Lovety to get her out of an abusive relationship).  (Please see Remember’s video on our Girl Power Africa Facebook page)