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Recipient: Mercy Beweh

Empowered by: Katie Mahr

Mercy is a single mother of 2 children (ages 11 years and 1 month). She was in a relationship with her boyfriend for about 6 months. When they boyfriend found out that she was pregnant, he had told her to have an abortion because he didn’t want any more children. Mercy was very afraid of having an abortion because she had loss a good friend from doing the at-home abortion (drink Clorox/Bleach). Mercy kept putting it off until one day when the boyfriend found out that she still haven’t gone through with the abortion. He broke up with her when she was about 6 months pregnant. When Mercy went into labor a month ago, knowing that she couldn’t afford the delivery fee of about $40 USD and up (depending on the hospital, procedures etc), she knew the “free-delivery” hospitals and their locations. When the labor pain started, Mercy got a friend with a motor cycle to rush her to the nearest hospital. The first hospital told her that she needed operation (C-Section) and they did not have a doctor that could help her. She got back on the bike and went to Benson Hospital. At Benson she was told there were no available beds. Then off to Redemption Hospital (much further distance). Redemption told her there were no space. At this point, Mercy tells me ” Old Ma, I didn’t think I was going to make it”. Then off to Dupor Road Hospital. Dupor couldn’t help her but they were kind enough to called for an ambulance which took her to Catholic Hospital where she was accepted on an emergency basis. They performed a C-Section. Mercy delivered with a 4.9 kilo (10.80 pounds baby boy). It has been a month since she delivered. She heard about Girl Power through Yamah Kollie, one of our Girl Power recipient. Oh my gosh! It truly broke my heart listening to this Girl’s story!! All that I could think of was God is great! Mercy is one tough Girl!! I actually felt very honor sitting in her presence and listening to her story.