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RECIPIENT: Oretha – Age?? (60 is my guess as she had no idea)

Empowered by: Miaghen Dahn

Oretha and her husband have 3 children whom have given her 6 grand children. According to Oretha, the kids are very busy and live too far (about 30 minutes from where she lives). She and her husband used to make brooms for living. They raised their children from it. During the Liberian Civil War, her husband died. Oretha now lives by herself in a mat-round. She walks about 45 minutes each way to go cut palm leaves which she uses to make brooms to sell. Oretha said, it takes her about 1 week from cutting until it is ready to be sold and she makes 400LD-500LD (about $4-5.50 USD). This work is very labor intensive and with her frail frame, it is taking a toll on her.My appeal to you, my friends and family, please visit your parents while you can before it is too late. Once they are gone, THEY ARE GONE forever.These are photos of Oretha receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business (to be sold in front of her house). She no longer has to walk 45 minutes each way or risk her life by climbing palm trees to cut the branches.