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Recipient: Massa Weay – Age 34

Empowered by: Jurga Jokimciute

Massa has 5 children whom she has vow to never gave out for any reason. Massa never knew her biological parents until recently. Her biological mother was a teenager when she had her. Massa was given to a lady to be raised when she was 2 years old. All of Massa’s life, she only knew of having one mother until one day , at the age of 15, when she over heard some family friends discussing about Massa’s real mom… she was very confused… what do they mean by “real” mom?? She only had one mom and that’s the only mom she’s ever known. Well, Lord be hold, she actually had DIFFERENT PARENTS. According to Massa, since that incident, she would pray every night for God to reconnect her with her birth parents. She told me “I would tell God, even if they are poor, ugly or crippled, I will still love them. Please God”. Her biological mother came to look for her a few years ago when she had heard that Massa’s adoptive mom had died. When Massa asked her biological mother why she had not gone to find her earlier? Her mom told her that it would have been a total disrespect to the lady whom she had given Massa to as a toddler. Massa now sells cool aide for living (about $4.60 USD worth per day). The profit is what she and her children live on. These are photos of Massa receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.