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Recipient: Isatta Bonyen – Age 35

Empowered by: Steve Kruger and family (Mary Jo, Katherine and Marianna Kruger)

Isatta is a single mother of 5 boys ages 16 – 3. She was 9 years old in 1990 when fighters killed both of her parents during the Liberian Civil War. She started living from one kind hearted family to another until she has gotten old enough to start taking care of herself. Isatta told me that she has always dreamed of going to school, but was never fortunate to have had the opportunity. Isatta’s 3 year old twin boys are very active, to say the least. For that reason, she’s unable to leave them for an extended period of time. For their livelihood, each day Isatta bakes about $4.50 worth of cookies while the older boys are at school. When they get home from school, (at about 1:00PM), they then go out to sell the cookies for about 4 hours. When the boys get home from selling, she uses the profit of about $1.30 to go buy food for the family for that day. These are photos of Isatta receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business. This was made possible by the donation from Steve, Mary Jo, Katherine and Marianna Kruger.