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Recipient: Hawa Francis -Age 18

Empowered by: Cathy Flockiger Putnam

Hawa was 2 years old when her parents died in Guniea, where they had gone to take refuge during the Liberian Civil War. Her 12 year old brother took over the responsibility of raising himself and Hawa in a foreign country where they practically didn’t know anybody. 2008, her brother died leaving Hawa to fend for herself. A kind lady took Hawa in. But unfortunately, the lady also had her own responsibility of sending her children to school and was unable to send Hawa to school. Hawa really wanted to go to school like the other kids, but there was not enough money to go around. Hawa would go from neighbors to neighbor asking them to clean their yards, wash dishes or wash their cloths for money. From that, Hawa was able to send herself to school. By the time she got in the 11th grade, she got pregnant and was forced to dropped out. Hawa now has a 2 years old daughter named Herretta. She dreams of finishing high school some day. These are photos of Hawa receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.