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Recipient: Bindu Kamara – Age 18

Empowered by: Thomas Massaquoi  (Tee Mass) 

Bindu moved to Liberia to be with her husband who is a carpenter about 2 months ago. Last week the armed robbers broke into their house while they were out and took all of his working materials including all of her cooking materials. They are completely lost. According to Bindu, it was their entire 2 years worth of hard work that was stolen in just one night. She’s completely lost and has no idea where to began. Bindu said her biggest worry is how they will care for their 1 year old daughter, Masa, who is very sickly. These are photos of Bindu receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business. This was made possible by the donation from Thomas Massaquoi.