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Recipient: Martha Dennis – Age 20

Empowered by: Jennifer Gordon Parker

Martha has 1 child, Sandra, whom she had at the age of 14. Out of desperation, Martha did not want to keep the child. Her mom took baby Sandra and has been raising her since birth. The older Martha gets, the more she wants to be part of her daughter’s life. Martha’s mom has told her if she could get her life together, she could have the child. This has inspired Martha to work even harder. According to Martha, she had started her business with selling 100LD (about $1.10 USD) worth of cold water. Then she added biscuits, and candy with the profits. With hard work and determination, her business has grown to almost $15 USD value. A few months ago, she had gone to visit her mom and Sandra and had left her business with a good friend for safe keeping. When she returned 3 days later, the friend could not account for the goods that were left in her care. Now Martha has to start ALL over… She’s back to selling 100LD ($1.10 USD) worth of cold water per day. Martha said she has never been to school, but her boyfriend taught her how to spell her name. Isn’t that sweet?!… These are photos of Martha receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.