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Recipient: Sieh – Age? She has no idea (24?)

Empowered by: Jennifer Gordon Parker

Sieh had 5 children, but one died recently due to the lack of money to buy the malaria medication that the child needed. Sieh and the remaining 4 children were brought to Liberia from Sierra Leone by her boyfriend in search of a better life. Her boyfriend, a very nice and easy-going guy, as described by her, lost his job a few months ago. Since then, there has been a lot of “problems” in the house. Sieh’s mother died in Sierra Leone during the Ebola time. Her mom’s death was treated as an Ebola death as all deaths around that time fell under the same category… Ebola. While in Liberia, she has been unable to find a job. She really wants to work in order to support her family. She said, “Old Ma, I will do anything for work mama.” Sieh has never been to school; therefore, she does not read nor write. But she said selling is all that she knows. (With a smile) These are photos of Sieh receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.