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RECIPIENT: Hanah Nah – Age 32 

Empowered by: Sue Smith Holman, Mike, Kari, and Nick Holman

Hanah and her husband have 3 children. The younger 2 are twins. She was working as a cook before she had her twins who are now almost years ago. With her $40 per month salary, she couldn’t afford the price of infant formula for 2 babies. Since breast feeding was her only real option, she was left with no choice but to quit her job. Her husband was working as a security guard, but recently lost his job. Hannah said she’s been looking for work for about a year, but so far, she hasn’t found work. She got me cracking up when she said “Oldma, don’t let my fat body fool you oh. My Ma born me like this oh. Things are hard on me oh, but my body can fool people!.” These are photos of Hannah receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.