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Recipient: Cecilia Gaye – Age 54

Empowered by: Miaghen Dahn

Cecilia has 7 children of which 4 are living with her. During the Liberian civil war, she and her husband escaped to the Ivory Coast. While there, he became a pastor. As a pastor’s wife, Cecilia played her role well. After many years of being out of Liberia, they always dreamt of returning home to Liberia. After many years of being away, her husband told her they were coming home. The plan was that they were going to take their youngest children and go for the older kids (whom were left with the neighbors) after they have gotten re-settled in Liberia. She was pregnant at the time. After few months of living in Liberia, her husband told her that he was returning to the Ivory Coast to bring the remaining children. She didn’t hear from him for about a week or so. When she called him, he told her that everything was on course. He and the kids will soon be coming… that was about 6 years. Since then, she had found out that he is living with another woman in the Ivory coast. As Cecilia told me “Old Ma, it not been easy oh, but God himself know”. Cecilia told me that someone had credited her 2,500 LD (about $28 USD) to do her business. But didn’t last because that was the money they were using for food. These are photos of Cecilia receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.