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JUNE 2022:  Thirty-five-year-old Noagbayee is a mother of four children ages 10
to 5.  Her husband recently traveled to another country with the hope of a greater
opportunity to find work to better support his family.  So far, he has been unable to
find work and he himself is quite vulnerable in a strange country.  Noagbayee and
husband were doing subsistence farming and now that he is gone, she is alone in
this precarious and labor-intensive venture.  Nevertheless, she wears her daily
struggle with dignity and hope as she works to put food on the table and provide
for other essentials for herself and her children. Her vulnerability caught the
attention of a Girl Power Team Leader who resides in her town, and Girl Power
placed one of Noagbayee’s children on scholarship while also providing her with a
farming supplies Empowerment Package.  Thanks to the generous donation from
the Girl Power Africa General Funds, Noagbayee’ s daily struggle has been
lessened a bit!  
If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us