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JUNE 2022:  30-year-old Yorh and her four children live with her sister’s family. 
Yorh shared how her husband mistreated her and she could no longer stand the
abuse.  She made the brave decision to move herself and her children to her sister’s
place in another town.  Like other women around the world, Liberian women fall
prey to abuse.  Though Liberia’s Ministry of Gender informs, educates and
encourages women to not tolerate abuse, there are no supportive structures (like
shelters, counseling, food and clothing banks, etc.) for women to take refuge and
get support.  Yorh’s decision to leave is a brave one and Girl Power is proud to
support her subsistence farming activities with a farming supplies Empowerment
Package.  Thanks to the generous donation from Lori Fischer Hall, Yorh’s flight
from abuse is sustained.   
If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us