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RECIPIENT: Musu Williams – Age 30

EMPOWERED BY: Sue Smith Holman

Musu Williams is a mother of three. Her husband went up country in search of employment opportunities, leaving her and the children behind in Monrovia. Although things were difficult for Musu and the children, she knew that it would just be a matter of time until her husband came back to take them to a better opportunity. One where the children will be able to go to school. Recently Musu’s dreams were crushed when she found out that her husband had a new girlfriend and was not coming back to Monrovia.  Musu had heard about Girl Power and came to see if we could help give her a hand up to enable her to support herself and her children. (You may recall the story of Felicia Johnson, the 14 year old girl who had never been to school. Felicia is Musu’s daughter. Through a generous donation, Felicia is now in Kindergarten, going to school for the very first time.) Thanks to a generous donation by Sue Holman, Musu will now be able to start her own business. This is a video of Musu receiving her new supply of selling goods which will allow her to successfully start her business.