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RECIPIENT: Janet Richardson – Age 32

EMPOWERED BY: Monica Engel

Janet Richardson is a 32 year old mother of five children, ranging in age from 5 years old to 14 years old. She is currently 8 months pregnant. Janet, her husband and their children were living in a small town up country in Virginia, Liberia when her husband became seriously ill. They tried various country medicines (traditional medicine), which did not work. Five months ago, Janet’s sister, who lives in Monrovia, suggested that she bring him to the capital city of Monrovia for western treatment. The hospital in Monrovia told them that he has a liver disease and he may not make it. Her husband is currently unable to work. Janet and her entire family are still living with her sister’s family in their small two room house. As grateful as Jenet is to her sister, she also knows that the burden is too much on the sister and she wants to be able to become self-sufficient and eventually rent their own place to live. Jenet broke down in tears and told me that she has not seen a doctor since becoming pregnant. She also told me that her children are currently not going to school because she cannot afford to send them. Jenet was brought to Girl Power for assistance by one of the Girl Power team leaders. Janet will now be able to start her business selling goods in the Girl Power Market, thanks to a generous donation from Monica Engel, in honor of her mom Masayo Engel. Monica says, “My mom has always been my biggest supporter. She taught me to see the good in people. To help when I can, however I can. She is one of the strongest women I know. She is the example that I follow every day.” This is a photo of Jenet receiving her new supply of selling goods to successfully start her business.