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RECIPIENT: Mommie – Age 34

SPONSORED BY: Mary and Al Zins

Mommie has 3 children ages: 14, 13 and 12. She was a small market seller when she got robbed. They took her entire bag of money (about $150 USD). She had no money to pay her way to get back home (about $1). A kind bystander assisted her by paying her way. It’s been 2 years since the incident. Out of desperation/frustration/hopelessness of not being able to provide for she and her children, she started doing prostitution. She had promised me with this assistance, she will never do prostitution (with tears in her eyes). She and I made a deal. She will be reporting to me each month regarding her progress. Her 12 year old daughter, Grace, whom has not been going to school due to the lack of funds to buy her $10 uniform, was excited about the possibility of being able to go to school. Thank you very much Mary Zins and Al Zins for your generosity and helping to make our world a little better. Please help us spread the word as we have many Girls/Women on the waiting list to be empowered!