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RECIPIENT: Kuta Dillon: Age 34

SPONSORED BY: Mary and Al Zins

Kuta has 4 children with the ages 17, 14, 11 and 2. She calls the 2 yr old “Hard Time Baby”. Kuta’s first husband with whom she has the first 3 of her children with took her during the Liberian war to protect her from being killed by the fighters. She became his “wife”. After many years and (3 kids), the war was over. She could no longer put up with the cheating and beating. In 2009 she was at her wits end. She left him and moved to a new neighborhood in hopes of a better life. The beating scars on her body (see photos) brought tears to my eyes. No one deserves to live under those conditions!! Her 2 year old son (Hard Time Child) was born with Hydrocele (I think that’s what it is called from my Google search). She’s very worried about him (please see photo). I really don’t know what to tell her. I told her he will be OK and she truly believes me… but deep down, I’m very worried about him (and her)… please help me to pray for Kuta and “Hard Time Baby” Victor.

Thank you for your generous contributions Al and Mary Zins.