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June 2022:  Thirty-year-old Mamie is a widow living in Gbeleyee, Nimba
County.  Mamie has three children (ages 10 to-7) and provides a living for them
through subsistence farming.  Her husband was sick from malaria and went into a
coma.  There is often no cash available to transport family members to a health
center and when the condition is critical extended family and friends garner
resources to assist the stranded family.  In Mamie’s case, her husband died enroute
to the medical center. Mamie is trying to sustain the large farm she and her late
husband made.  The gift of a farming supplies Empowerment Package was
supportive and helpful. A donation from the Girl Power Africa General Fund has
given Mamie and her family a hand up.  
If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us at