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RECIPIENT: Lovety Gaye -Age 19

EMPOWERED BY: Jacalyn Margittay

Lovety is 19 year old single mom with one child name Andrew . She and her 29 year old boyfriend of 3 years, broke up about 2 months ago. Lovety told me, “my son father is not serious. He can beat on me all the time. When he beating me, my son will be crying for me. It can hurt me when he crying for me.”  She also told that at times, when things are tough, she wants to go back to him because he can provide food for them. But her friend Remember, (her real name) always advice her to not go back because the beating is too much. Thank God for the generous help from Jacalyn Margittay, Lovety doesn’t have to go back. Please see our Facebook page to watch a video of Lovety receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.