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JUNE 2022:  Thirty-seven-year-old Lovester is a single mom living with her five
children in Sanniquellie, Nimba County. Lovester is a high school graduate and
has been seeking job opportunities since she completed school two decades ago. 
Though Lovester is continuously on the lookout for job opportunities, Liberia’s
fragile postwar economy has not improved and this fact causes sustained high
unemployment rates. Lovester’s five children are from five different fathers. She
explained that as a teenager, she was a “kept girl” (exploited by older men who
paid her for sex favors).  She explained she did this to be able to complete high
school.  Education is seen as a way out of generational poverty.  Lovester has put
her high school education to work by building a modest business to support her
family.  She sells dry goods on a portable roadside market table and desires to
expand this business to include baking and selling rice bread (a local favorite made
from bananas or plantain, oil, and rice flour). Lovester is happy for the generous
gift of a Baking Empowerment Package purchased with gifts from the Girl Power
Africa General Fund.

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