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JUNE 2022:  33-year-old Blessing lives in Sanniquellie, Nimba County with her four children (ages 14 to 7).  Blessing explained that, as a girl growing up in an extended family household, she dreamed of becoming the first-generation college graduate in her family.  Blessing’s dream was realized through a lot of resourceful sacrifices made among her immediate and extended family to pay her tuition and fees and help to support her children.  Blessing graduated from the Nimba County Community College in Sanniquellie with a degree in Business. Despite her best efforts, Blessing could not acquire a job in Liberia where seventy percent of households consist of subsistence farming families earning less than 800.00 annually.  She used the education and skills learned from her business degree to open a modestly profitable dry goods market and requested Girl Power to assist her in diversifying her market to include making and selling baked goods.  A donation from the Girl Power Africa General Funds has given Blessing and her family a hand up. 
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