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RECIPIENT: Korpu Morris – Age 39

EMPOWERED BY: Christine Weigt

Korpu has 2 children. She used to crack rocks with a hammer for living. But after 15 years of rock cracking rocks in the hot sun, her right hand and her back starting having severe pain. About 2 years ago, a lady had bought rocks from Korpu for a school the lady was building. The lady became Korpu’s regular customer. One day Korpu had told the lady about her dream of going to school to learn how to read and write and maybe, someday leave the rock cracking because it was too hard on her body. According to Korpu, the lady told her to come and be cooking at the new school for the students. Korpu was promised that the school would have night school option for adults (adult alternative learning). After working at the school with practically no pay for about year and no sign of a night school, she put in her notice and left the job. Korpu has not given up on her dream of going to school. She recently started going to home education school (for adults) where the women are taught to bake bread, cookies, cake etc. Recently, she credited 1,000 LD (about $11 USD) from a market lady. The money is used to buy her baking materials to sell. The profit of about 80LD (about 90 cent USD) is what they live on. Thanks to Christine Weigt, Korpu will now be able pay off her loan, buy her very own baking materials and start her very own business. No more credit!