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Cecelia is a single mom with 7 children. In 2009, her husband died from a snake bit up country were they have lived all of their lives. Their village had a population of about 500 people; where everyone knew each other and looked out for one another. Since her husband’s death, one of her friends who lives in Monrovia (the capital city with over 1 million population) has been trying to convince Cecelia to move closer to her in Monrovia. The friend had told Cecelia that she had a house that was big enough for all of them. She had promised Cecelia that she would find a house work job (maid) for her. About 2 years ago Cecelia packed up the 3 younger children and moved to Monrovia, the big city with endless opportunities. The first disappointment was upon arrival at Red Light (the transfer point which is infested with criminals). The friend whom was supposed to have met them never showed up…. until a kind hearted store owner give her (300LD, about $3.20 USD) to pay their way to the friend’s house . When they finally arrived at the friend’s big house, it was a two room zinc round (latterly a 2 room zinc shed. No living room, no bathroom, no kitchen… only 2 rooms). And the friend had 4 kids of her own plus her boyfriend. With no money for Cecelia and her children to go back up country, she started attending a church near her new community. Before long, one of the prominent ladies at the church, Mrs. Notee, befriended Cecelia. Mrs. Notee found a home (a zinc shed) for Cecelia and her children to live and take care of her one Lot of land. Recently, Mrs. Notee had brought Cecelia to Girl Power to see if we are able to help her start her own business. Thanks to Ann Milne, the answer was YES! These are photos of Cecelia receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.