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2016:  Marie’s common-law-husband of 10 years left she and their 5 children 8 months ago, when their youngest child was less than 2 weeks old; leaving her to raise the children on zero income. According to Marie, her husband had met a younger lady whom had given him an ultimatum. Either he leaves Marie and the kids or she would leave him. He came home one day, after being gone for several weeks and said, “I don’t want you any more. I have a new wife”. At the time, Marie had just gotten home from the hospital with a new born baby girl, (Baby Patience). Marie told me for food, the neighbors give she and the children food when they cook. I asked if the food can be enough and she replied with, “Old Ma, the people themselves don’t have enough food for everybody. They just helping me. I can’t be greedy to have a full gut. But I thank God for them helping me”. From their malnourished frames, I could see a major need for Girl Power’s intervention. These are photos of Marie and her children receiving their new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start their very own business. This was made possible by the donations from Ann Milne.

2016:   Baby Patience Gibson Update… What a difference a day makes. I actually closed down my store today in order to take care of Baby Patience Gibson and her family. I found out this morning that they had been evicted from their home two days ago due to the lack of rent payment of 150LD ($1.60 USD) per month. Unfortunately, no one knew which neighborhood they had moved to. So, here we were, going from house to house in the rain with their photo. After a while, one of our Girl Power recipients, Gayduo Sloan , recognized her and lead me to their new home. Then the fun begins. First, we took them out to eat… oh my gosh, were they hungry… Marie and her children haven’t eaten for 2 days. Marie told me, “Old Ma, it’s the hunger that’s killing us oh”… brought tears to my eyes. After that, we took them to the hospital where they did full medical exams. Everyone tested positive for malaria and worms. Baby Patience was very dehydrated. They all got shots for malaria plus lots of medications and vitamins. They will go back in a week for a follow-up (along with the other children who were not home at the time when we arrived to their house). We got some baby formulas, baby bottles and food for the next 2 weeks, give her extra cash, then dropped off them at home. A very special Thank You to Brenda Vesperman and Britt Meyers Freiberg for providing the financial assistance needed to make all of the above possible. You guys have saved this family’s life, especially Baby Patience.

2018: Second Chances: Marie was an alcoholic mother who was physically and mentally abusive to her children. Marie would leave her children to fend for themselves for days at a time while she’s out drinking and being rude to anyone she comes across who doesn’t give her money to buy alcohol.  Her children have never been to school because she was hardly around to even realize that she had children. Girl Power was able to convince Marie to go through a 3 day herbal detox program. Thanks to Charmaine Pellitteri for helping to pay for the treatment and for giving Marie a second chance by re-empowering her with a new business. Here is Marie receiving money to buy her empowerment goods with the assistance of her team leader.