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June 2022:  Thirty-year-old Koo is a widow raising five children.  Her husband’s
tragic death occurred through a fall from a palm tree.  Palm trees grow at massive
heights and there are those, such as Koo’s husband, who are skilled in navigating
crudely made bamboo “ladders.” A very long bamboo branch is cut and the foliage
removed to enable the stumps left by the removed foliage as a means to gingerly
navigate placing a foot at a time on the stumps to climb the tree to remove the
ripened palm fruit clusters. The long bamboo “ladder” is carefully leaned against a
palm tree to enable a skilled climber to navigate a climb.  A misstep can cause
severe injuries and, oftentimes, death from a fall. With five children in tow, Koo is
in need of all the help she can get as she struggles to provide for them through
subsistence farming.  Girl Power provided a sorely needed and much appreciated
farming supplies Empowerment Package.  Thank you, Lori Fischer Hall, for giving
Koo and her children a hand up.
If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us at