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June 2022:  A Liberian proverb says “When somebody is scratching your back,
put your own hand there too.”  Girl Power is humbled to “back scratch” women
who need a helping hand. 36-year-old Mamie is a divorced mother caring for five
children.  Mamie’s husband abandoned his family for another woman and only
gives his children sporadic support.  Mamie is determined and focused on raising
her family through subsistence farming.  She organizes her household to enable the
older children to help her with the farming activities while not compromising their
ability to thrive in school.  Girl Power helps out with one scholarship and recently
supplied Mamie with a farming supplies Empowerment Package.  Thank you, Lori
Fischer Hall,
for your donation which gives Mamie and her children a hand up.

If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us at