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Recipient: Faith Dokin –  Age 30

Empowered by: Lainie Smith Eustice

Faith’s parents were farmers and really never saw the importance of education for their 6 children. But somehow, Faith always wanted to go to school. She supported herself with assistance from kind hearted people along the way. Faith was very proud to tell me that she is the first high school graduate in her generation. She always dreamt of going to trade school to learn a trade that she could live on. Faith met an older man who had asked her to leave the county and move to Monrovia (the capital city of Liberia) with him, with a promise to send Faith to a trade school. Faith was one happy girl knowing her dream was going to become a reality. About 3 months after arriving in Monrovia she found out that she was pregnant. She delivered safely (a major fear). Not long after that baby was born, came baby # 2. A few years ago, the man left Faith and the babies. She told me, “Old Ma, things have not been easy oh. Imagine, I don’t have any family here in Monrovia. My family are all up country. But my friend told me you can help people like me”. These are photos of Faith receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.